Neoprene glue Scorpena, black

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Neoprene glue Scorpena, black


Scorpena adhesive designed for repairing neoprene products - suits, socks, gloves and all kinds of accessories. It is ideal for quick repairs, including - in the field. Colour adhesive - a radically black.The basis of the neoprene adhesive Scorpena was taken by the legendary and the best domestic glue - for neoprene - radical. After consultation with many practitioners hunters and repair company, we slightly changed the initial composition of the radical, so our Secret Ingredient adhesive significantly improved adhesion to neoprene, improved penetration into the pores of neoprene capacity and increased service life. This also contributes to a tube of latex ring and double lakirovniem. A long nose and a small tube outlet make our glue is convenient to use and very economical.

Directions for use: The surfaces must be dry, degreased and cleaned, then apply a thin even layer of glue, after 10 minutes, apply a second layer to dry for another 10 minutes and press tightly. Maximum strength - 24 hours. Store at temperatures between +5 and 25 ° C

Precautions: Flammable! Work in a well-ventilated area! Keep container tightly closed. Do not swallow. Keep away from children. May cause allergic reactions.

Shelf life - 24 months, production date see the bottom of the tube. After the first use, you must use up the glue from the tube for a month, well, most - two. In general - not more than three
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